Project Description

Tacoma Plumbing (Nth Qld) & Tacoma Townsville have been the preferred service provider for roofing and external cladding on a number of large scale projects that place us as one of the leading roofing contractors in the Far North. With over 40 years experience in the industry our knowledge and experience allow us to get the job done accurately and with minimal delay. We have the solution to your roofing requirements, from commercial to residential and remote sites.

We are fully qualified in:

  • All Aspects of roofing and cladding
  • Roof Replacements
  • Klip-lok and Roof Spacer systems
  • Kingspan Accredited
  • Rainwater collection and storage
  • Custom guttering, flashings and stainless steel fabrication
  • Syphonic Drainage

Examples of past projects we have completed throughout the Far North include:

  • Botanical Gardens Visitors Centre
  • JCU Tropical Health Building
  • Smithfield Shopping Centre Redevelopment
  • Cairns Convention Centre Stage 2
  • Sea Temple Palm Cove
  • Sea Temple Port Douglas
  • Edmonton Leisure Centre
  • Good Guys Cairns
  • Outrigger Cairns Esplanade
  • CSIRO Atherton
  • Cairns Homemaker Centre
  • Australian Federal Police Building – Cairns

We also have the experience needed to complete syphonic drainage system for your project. All of our systems are designed and certified by accredited manufacturers and distributors and are tailored to each specific project. Our team of qualified plumbers have over 10 years experience in the application and installation of syphonic drainage throughout the north.

Syphonic drainage offers a variety of benefits to your project from a technical perspective as well as overall from an economic point of view. These benfits include:

  • The ability to have a smaller pipe diameter (less materials, lower cost).
  • No pitch in pipework required.
  • Invert coordination is eliminated.
  • Overhead horizontal runs are possible.
  • Under-slab piping is practically eliminated.
  • Cost of excavation, backfill, and compaction is greatly reduced.
  • The depth of rain retention tanks is reduced.
  • The costs associated with rainwater harvesting are reduced as the ability to have above ground tanks are possibilities, as well as reducing the depth of any underground tanks
  • Higher operating velocities contribute to effective interior cleansing and less likelyhood of blockages.
  • Future proof your building with smaller piping and there is no need to saw existing slabs to install new pipework for future extensions or renovations.
  • Flexible gutter design without limitation on downpipes and locations.
  • 1700l l/m of syphonic drainage in Hanger 75 completed within 11 days

Examples of past projects we have completed throughout the Far North include:

  • Smithfield Shopping Centre Redevelopment
  • The Good Guys Warehouse
  • The Doctors, Townsville
  • Cairns Domestic Airport Redevelopment
  • White Rock Shopping Centre
  • Plastamasta Warehouse
  • Hanger 75, RAAF Base Townsville

JCU Cairns, Tropical Health – Hansen Yuncken

Cairns Botanical Gardens Visitors Centre – Hansen Yuncken

380 Mulgrave Road – Lets Build

AQIS, Cairns Airport Quarantine Labs – Hansen Yuncken

Edmonton Leisure Centre/ Cyclone Shelter – Matrix Projects

Cairns Convention Centre – Stage 2

Cairns Presbyterian Church

285 Mulgrave Road – Ace Tech

Cairns Home Improvement Centre – Lancini Group

Cairns Home Improvement Centre – Lancini Group

Cairns Home Improvement Centre – Lancini Group

JCU Cairns, Central Energy Plant – Hansen Yuncken