Past Projects

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Tacoma Plumbing (Nth Qld) & Tacoma Townsville have been the preferred service provider for roofing and external cladding on a number of large scale projects that place us as one of the leading roofing contractors in the Far North. With over 40 years experience in the industry our knowledge and experience allow us to get the [...]


Resort/Multi Story

Tacoma Plumbing (Nth Qld) Pty Ltd’s humble beginnings came from Resort Developments and Project Managing contracts of this stature. Our understanding and comprehensive knowledge of the variables of a large site or multi-story development allow us to ensure we have the labour available and on site to complete the stages without delay. Our extensive range [...]



The team at Tacoma Plumbing (Nth Qld) Pty Ltd have had the priviledge of being involved in the redevelopment and refurbishment of a number of large scale projects that we believe place us as the prefered contractor for your hydraulic works. We have the proven track record and experience to complete this project, as well as the resources. [...]



Tacoma Plumbing (Nth Qld) Pty Ltd have been utilised on a number of health facilities ranging from Public to Private Hospital refurbishments and redevelopments to Aged Care Homes and Specilaised Facilities and Practices. Our Quality Management Plan to the AS/NZS 9001 Standards as well as our extensive range of plant and equipment allow us to [...]



The Tacoma Team have completed a variety of commercial projects ranging in Class and use from ‘fast food’ outlets, school multi-purpose areas, cyclone shelters and cinemas. This variety of projects has equipping us with the knowledge and expertise needed to complete these fitouts and refurbishments within the timeframe and constraints of the project. The  requirements differ from job to [...]